Saturday, March 30, 2013

Svea: Future Preacher?

Weeks ago, walking down the hall at Svea's school, I paused to see what recent work was hanging on the wall outside of her classroom.
She goes to a PUBLIC school.

Her "Love is..." picture is of Jesus baptizing her and saying "I baptize you" in the bubble out of his mouth.
The caption underneath reads, "Love means that Christ loved me."

Then her teacher emailed me this:

Today they were working on a writing assignment “Why Easter Eggs are Colored” 

Svea’s response: Because God puts His Spirit in them.

Bless her.
May she follow in a long-ish line of pastors in her family. Or not.
She can also work at Justice for Girls, Diva Nails and be a rock star and author like she says when you ask her.

Happy Easter, y'all.


Court said...

That is absolutely precious!

Beth said...

Love! What a sweet and loving child! Hope yall had a wonderful Easter. We miss you!!