Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Shoes...Good-bye and Hello...

It's a big night in our house.

Brian found the saddest song by the Counting Crowes that his iPad could hold.
We arranged the Glitter Wedges from Justice and had ourselves a service.

Svea saved and saved her money to buy these last August.  It's been a long, yet so very short, seven months.
We thought it was time to retire the pair since the heels have holes, the toes are peeling, the sequins lack luster...and last week she jumped on her toe with that wedge heel during Jump Rope for Heart.

This evening she also "accidentally" kicked Henry as he was reaching for the ball instead of actually kicking the ball.

So tonight, we all took a moment to share our favorite memory of the Wedges.

My personal favorite was when Ms. Foster told me she asked Svea one morning, "You wore your Wedges!  Did you forget we are running The Mile today in P.E.???"
To this question, Svea simply raised her hand to Ms. Foster's sweet face and declared, "I got this."
And she did. The Mile was run in those Wedges.

Henry seized his chance to share emotion by lying on the floor, then beating it with his fists, claiming, "You grow up too fast!  You grow up too fast!"

I think he stole that line from Adam Duritz.

Corinne quickly took her cue and was right on board with the dramatic unfolding of grief.

Yes, indeed, we all grow up too fast. And some get louder with time, which is probably why Svea collected her jank Wedges and had to go have a moment on the porch by herself with the shoes.

I will say there were tears. 
There were also discussions about levels of attachment to material things and keeping perspective and all.  
I didn't mention the starving children in China or Chelsea or Alabaster or Africa or Calera, but there will be opportunities for that by morning.

In the meantime, we will be spending minutes each day practicing walking in these shoes: get ready for Aunt Brooke's wedding!

Svea will practice in them as long as Corinne doesn't come in and swipe them when she's not looking.
Swiper, no swiping!

 Aw, maaaan.

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