Monday, April 22, 2013

Darby Day

The other day, I needed some time on the farm.  
That is, I needed a task with a beginning and an end, something that showed quick results, something that helped people or animals or the earth, and was do-able in a 3 hour time slot. 

So I went to J. Darby Farm and asked what I could do.
It was raining. 
Josh was feeding the mules, horses and goats. You don't feed the chickens until later because they will eat the others' food.  They were vocal about having to wait.

Joyce and I pulled nutritious grass to feed the horses and mules a treat.

Then she needed to move chickens.  
Her adolescent chickens had outgrown the makeshift coop in the garage:

So they graduated to the outside coop.
I was a big fat chicken about picking up the chickens (ha!) so Joyce grabbed them, handed them to Josh, and I was the gate keeper.  City girl.

We successfully moved 18 into the outside coop, to be free-range, healthy, organic, egg-laying wonders.

Here they are in their new coop:

I was taking pictures while Josh and Joyce were actually helpful. I was the Amazed City Girl on the farm. They are so patient with me.

Thank you Earth, thank you J. Darby Farm, thank you on this Earth Day 2013 for teaching me so much.

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Bobbie said...

Thank you Mollie Lane Jackson Erickson for your big beautiful heart.