Friday, August 30, 2013

Third and Fourth, Y'all

Oh yes, the school year has begun.

Henry is now in 4th at a different school from Svea, who is in 3rd.  They ride the same bus, though.

The bus ride is an ongoing compromise in our home. Some days they love the ride, other days they complain for hours.
Henry is clear the he does NOT want to ride the bus.

On the first day, Corinne and I made fresh cookies and lemonade and took them up to the bus stop to greet the big kids.
While waiting with the stroller and the goodies, my cell phone rang and it was Henry's school letting me know that Henry had missed the bus.

I was so shocked and sad for him - I immediately worried that he had gotten overwhelmed in the newness of the school and routine, etc.
So he had to wait in the counselor's office until I could get Svea off the bus, load the girls in the car and drive to the school to get him.
I was irritated, but mostly worried about Henry and not wanting him to feel embarrassed or overwhelmed.

As I pulled out of my driveway, my neighbors - who had just gotten their kids off the same bus - looked at me confused. I shrugged and said, "Henry missed the bus."
Elijah, the dad, raised both fists in the air and said in his glorious Kenyan accent, "Be gracious!"

I got to the school and Henry loped to the car and crawled in. I asked, "Henry, what happened?"
He looked at me stone faced and said, "I TOLD you I didn't want to ride the bus."

Oh. My. Heavens.

I think Henry should write Elijah a Thank You Note.  And I let Brian mediate when he got home.

THE SAME WEEK, a spider moved into the space between my car's side mirror and the rounded holder of the mirror.
It built a glorious web every morning from the mirror to my car door.

If I drove while it was on the web, it would cling tightly and move slowly toward the mirror, eventually sneaking behind it to safety.
Once I got up to 45 mph and it still hung on.

This clinging spider got me thinking about how tightly I cling.
 In both hands I clench my need for order and schedules, cooperation from the kids, nice drivers in between me and my destination, etc.
I really could let go a little.
I admire that spider's grasp, but I don't want to be that clenched.

Henry is still riding the bus and has a better attitude as of late.
I am learning to let go of some things.
We'll make it through this school year yet.

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