Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Svea Turns Eight!

A month ago, Svea turned eight:

She wanted a party decked out in zebra stripes and cheetah print. Of course she did.

She also wanted a tea party. With Diet Coke and Sprite instead of tea...that modern fashionista princess.

Svea loves to make her own invitations. The problem is time management. So in the weeks before the party, she made one invitation...that was never mailed.  Not sure why she chose Sponge Bob, when I thought the theme was zebras and cheetahs. But I'm just the Mom; what do I know??

There was, of course, a manicure station:

And a little bit of dressing up:

The tea party:

Sweet cousins:

A pull-up bar.  Whaaa? Seriously.  Svea asked Pops to bring his portable pull-up bar and it was way more popular than karaoke and manicures.

Birthday girl singing karaoke:

Another request was a pinata. So I thought, how hard is it to make a pinata?? It is not hard, thankyouverymuch Pinterest.
After a few empty cereal boxes and duct tape - maybe a stapler - we had a very ugly pinata in the shape of a cupcake. Kinda. 
It was super fun slinging at that thing though.

Svea asked at the beginning of the summer if we could re-do her room for her birthday (this girl plans ALL YEAR for her event). Sticking with her cheetah and zebra print theme, she wanted a cheetah print wall, a zebra print desk chair, a new bed configuration, and more.  So here is our process:

Happy Birthday my big girl!!!  I am so glad you were born and that your birthday comes only once a year.


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Amber said...

happy belated bday to sweet Svea! looks like an amazing party :) and very creative room decor :) cant believe how grown up she is! and is that Maya in the pic? she is beautiful. hope all are doing well. love you all, amber <3