Friday, April 04, 2014

My Sister

Look at how beautiful my sister is:

Her father-in-law took this picture and I just love it.

In the afternoons around 4pm, I used to get so excited about the next morning's coffee taste.  
Then we, in our house, kinda tried to go off caffeine for a bit ((#^*$&*$%).
I didn't miss the coffee, I missed missing something. 
It was so sad.

My sister and I talk every morning...and sometimes afternoon and evening...and I realized that THAT was what I was looking forward to. 

So decaf was okay. But if she didn't answer the phone, THEN I was stressed.

***I have re-introduced a certain amount of caffeine and I am definitely not as grumpy, but I still request my sister to pick up the phone when I any time.

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Mer said...

Oh wow...scary to see my pic up there. I will ALWAYS pick up when you call, or at least be running to the phone to find it so I can pick up and hopefully not miss you! Call me you