Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We did it, y'all.

We went camping for 3 nights and 4 days for Spring Break. It's been two years in the making and I would like to blame Katie and Kenneth Hill, Cathy and John Brown, Karyl and Becky Anderson, Catherine Owens, Stacy Barnett, Annette Compton, and Heather Borden for turning us into That Family.

We took the bikes...

And chairs...

The dog...(and cat)...


Learned to ride our bikes without training wheels...

Propped up our awning...

Rode in many circles, played on the playground, fished, played basketball, found a dead animal, discovered new trails...

Watched the occasional movie in a neighbor's camper...

Discovered new food wasted...

Had a pillow fight...

And overall, learned a lot:

I can survive in a tent in 40'degree weather with no heater.  So can my kids. (from the tent camper in the group).

It takes at least 3 shampoos to get the campfire smell out of your hair.

I have a bottle of expired Clamato juice in my pantry.  It actually has a picture of a clam next to the tomato. 

Friends at red lights can smell the campfire aroma on you with the windows down as you try to explain why you look like hell.

Cats can camp. 

I'll have crunched up leaves in my house forever.

Underwear can be turned inside out. No need to change.

I now want a camper type unit for future trips.  Big gurl can't take the summer heat in a tent. 

I also learned that it takes hours to send a text from camper to camper

The Bordens got the short end of the stick by having the best camper ever.

The Preveauxs are hard core in a tent.

When in doubt or fear, yell, "CHAD!!!!!"

Max, Pepper and Sugar are not friends. But Sheldon loves all. (these are all pets)

Deerlick is next. Gunter Hill bathrooms were a little aromatic.

Mikes Hard Lemonade is awesome. Even without the clam sauce. I mean, clamato.

We need to bring firewood next time. Chad and Neal hooked us up.

Brian makes great omelettes and says great blessings.

Even a possessed pug named Max can't make Brian fire Liz.

Henry likes to do impersonations and skid into a landing.

Emma and Svea can even bring "Frozen" settings to "Minecraft."

Camping makes you exhausted.

"Let It Go" is the official theme song of Spring Break 2014

Kelly likes clamato juice.

Max the dog is a heater.

Sugar loves her leash, and being petted, and swimming, but NOT Max, the other dog.

Sheldon is basically the coolest cat ever.

Henry likes basketball. Like 20 hours a day.

Dead BeaverCoon's are a boys dream come true.

Potatoes last forever and can be used in several meals.

Trisa LOVES baked apples and the Dutch oven.

There may be a dead body in the women's restroom.

Astrovans do NOT belong at campsites. And bleach is scary.

Liz is apparently the Grandmother of the group, at age 35.

Sidewalk chalk can make a pretty awesome raceway.

3 bags of clothes are not necessary, most of us didn't even change our underwear.

Just yell "Car."

Popsicles are good for bad breath, according to Corinne.

Brian should actually be a camper salesmen.

It was good for our kids.

It was good for the adults.

Amen, Spring Break.

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