Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break 2015

This year, Spring Break coincided with Holy Week.

I'm not sure we were so Holy...and since the Hubby works at a church, we were not traveling, just lots of church. And bribes. "Incentives," if you will..

The week started with an Emergency Family Meeting (called by me). The title of this meeting was "Why Mommy Doesn't Want To Live With You Anymore."
Don't judge. I know it sounds extreme...and I eventually included that I still wanted to care for them and be with them daily, I just didn't want to LIVE with them. We worked it out though. And I didn't even have to go on strike (this time)!!!!

Seriously, a part of me loves that the kids' lives have to respond to seasons - of the earth, of the church, etc. - since there are ways to live now where seasons do not have to change or stop our plans.

We began with a home-improvement project in the form of a shiny garage floor!

(and by "we" I mean "he" did all of it.) Go team!!

There were a few times we fired up the broken fire pit to eat our supper by...maybe roast a marshmallow or 6.

Corinne got time to pose for the camera for her grandmother...

And Facetime with her newest cousin...

It was a LOT of family time, and that can go many ways for us. In one of my more distracted moments, Corinne wanted to count the members of our family on her hand, oldest to youngest. We started with Dad as the thumb, then me, then brother, then sister, then HER!
She is the pinky!
She was so thrilled and delighted to be the pinky!
Melted my heart at how important that made her feel, and gave me the much-needed perspective to make it until lunch time.

One night, Brian and I got a surprise date to hear Sarah McLaughlin = A-MAZING.

We did an experiment with pennies in vinegar...

This is what was in my pocket one if that's not super exciting.

And THEN I got on the Pinterest and made these deviled eggs to add to the Easter Buffet:

Aren't they cute in that creepy kind of way?? 
Well, no one would eat them because they looked too real. I need to post on the Failed Pinterest Page.

We made it through the busy, long days of the short week of Spring Break and that in itself is a victory. Not as much as Easter is a victory, of course, though I am very grateful for both...even when they happen together.

Happy Easter Season and Spring Break Is Over to all of you!!!

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