Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Worn Out

Sometimes my friends get "small grouped" and call to tell me about it.
Getting "small grouped" is when a nice lady approaches another nice lady and asks her to join a small group.
Some people LOVE this and some people really do not.
I LOVE it.

For my friends who do not love it, I usually offer to read the book with them and they can call or email me after each small group meeting and we can giggle and be moved and inspired and plan the next book we'll read.
Did I mention I love small groups?

This happened to me with the book The Worn Out Woman. A friend got "small grouped", I joined from a distance and emailed in my thoughts.

I would not have chosen to read this particular book (I'm really just too worn out) but I gleaned some helpful quotes from the text:

"You are controlled by your decisions, not by your circumstances."

"On the days when I take intentional steps away from the past," Ashley says, "I notice a light and happy feeling around my heart."

"Telling your story is a tool, not a full-time occupation. It's not really necessary to explore every question and nail down every tendency. Life is a mystery, after all, and you'll never completely sort out all of your influences and motivations."

"Most worn out women struggle with expectations."

"Disease to please = energy sapping malady."

Dr. David Burns says, "If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault."

"Have the humility to stop pretending you have it all together."

Y'all, I don't know why I feel so worn out...

...but I'm glad I read the book.


Merpha said...

That is A-Maz-Ing how those pictures go so perfectly with the quotes. You're magical.

A Joy in the Middle said...

Dude. This is simply lovely. If you ever want to go on staff at Yogi Tea Company, I will totes be a reference.