Monday, June 19, 2017

Cades Cove 2017

To celebrate one year from Husband's Radiation Vacation, two of our three kids and I joined him to retrace his steps.

There was, of course, the heart-squeezing-brush-with-mortality-cancer-is-so-scary part of the reflection, and then there were celebratory moments watching synchronous fire flies, hiking trails, runs with Leroy the Dog, and splashing in the freezing cold creek.

We walked about 1/1897 of the Appalachian Trail, and I am sure there are lovely sounds along the birds singing and water rushing and wind moving things...while hiking, this is all I heard:

C: Look at that! Totally poison ivy! Wo...don't fall off that cliff...oooooooo a ROCK! Can I throw it? 'Member that time? Wait, can I tell you something before we remember that time? OK, look. at. that. cave. Let's take a picture! please? now? here? GO!
Us: On the way back we'll take a picture. Let's keep seeing things!
C: (reluctant) Okay...I'll DOG EAR that one.
(and she did.)

C: (while hiking) The Law is No Texting and Hiking.

While waiting for the synchronous fireflies start, H and C:
"It's just some light-up bugs...can we just GO?"
"Let's go back to the camper. I'm ready to snore."
(later they thanked their Dad profusely for the cool lightning bug viewing).

There was also the drive to the campsite when we realized...if you have a three-legged stool and you take away one of the legs, how does the stool stand?
With one kid missing, the other two did not know how to get along. Hashtagfamilysystemstheory.

In the car:
"You are a giant brat."
"I just saw a sign that had three sight words!!! She. Rat. On."
"Don't put your gum on me!"
"Seriously?? For real?"
"S/he started it!"
"Do you want to have my fidget spinner for life? .....PSYCH!"
"You are disgusting."

An important, necessary, fun, adventurous milestone we needed to make.
The fireflies were icing and an accessory.

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