Saturday, November 18, 2006

Iron Bowl Checklist

1. Alabama outfits - CHECK

2. Remote control - CHECK

3. Both children - CHECK

4. Dog - CHECK

5. Futon flattened to achieve full recline and enhance concentration - CHECK

6. Lics container of graham crackers - CHECK

7. Full football coverage of every game mentioned in the world on TV from 8:45am throughout the day - CHECK

8. 15-month-old daughter says, "Roll Tide" for the first time - CHECK


leta joy said...

Iron Bowl? Must be an Alabama/football thing. Can't believe she said Roll Tide.

Beth said...

You just got busted watching the Ohio State/Michigan game during the IRON BOWL!!! Click clack.

ihusband said...

We were totally watching College GameDay. This is like 4 hours before the game. By the time the game started, Henry was wearing his diaper and a poncho or something. This was about the time Mike Shula called the house and asked if Svea wanted to play right tackle.

aunt am & uncle johnny said...

i just love your blogs. makes us feel like we are right there in indiana with you...zoo dates, playing with monkeys, and watching the tide. sure do miss all of you. hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!! we love you.