Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Happenings

Over the break, we stayed at Bobbie and Pops' house and spent some mornings and afternoons over at Mimi and Papa's house.

The first day we had a work party in the driveway. While Brian and Pops built a coffee table for Bobbie, Henry painted boards...the walls...the deck...even pavement.

We got Henry's height marked on the "growth chart," dutifully noting that he has his boots ON which may account for the 3 millimeters he has over Lydia.

There was a work party of a different sort at Mimi and Papa's house which involved some serious football throwing in the living room and practice sitting at the table for Thanksgiving dinner with Beth, Brooke and Brad.
The picture with Brad is the actual Thanksgiving dinner time. Either Uncle Brad never graduated from the kiddie table, or he wins a prize for actually sitting with Henry with the other cousins wouldn't.

After lunch, Brad got stuck throwing the football with Henry and McCain in the front yard...until Papa and Brian and Beth and Brooke joined them and it turned into an adult throwing time and McCain and Henry eventually wandered off and played with some sticks. That'll show 'em.

The next day was beautiful so Bobbie and I took the kids to the zoo. Here's Henry "riding" the turtle and Svea, she just wanted to walk all over the grass, gravel, bark chips, stairs...anything to hone her new skill. She loved the petting zoo while Henry screamed in fear of the wandering chickens and otters in the water. Whatever.

After zoo day, we went up to Decatur to celebrate Thanksgiving with Meredith, Scott and Lydia. Mama J was the ultimate babysitter, playing with the kids the whole time - even in her nice clothes.

Pops also crowned Svea Queen of the Sunroom.

This is Svea as she is coming around from running laps around me in a hide-and-seek game with Aunt Meredith.

Great travels, great food, great family.

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