Monday, November 13, 2006

Zoo Play Date

We went to the zoo last Friday (Leta's got some good pictures up of our adventures).

Brian had a few spare hours, so he came, which makes the trip much more enjoyable for me. And Henry. And Svea.

There is a stage thing for drama or something - none of the other moms had ever seen anything performed on it either - but it was the kids' favorite part of the zoo that day. Here's my pied piper husband who doesn't even need his flute for the children to line up after him. And crawl all over him. Or maybe he's like Jesus or something.

Henry loved walking on this little wall...

...and I love this one of him on the spider web ropes.

Svea was perfecting her staggering-around skills which made her thirsty.

The giraffe was eating leaves out of kids' hands even though there was a big sign that said DO NOT FEED. Arwyn, Henry and Kole loved it (Lindsey and Svea were smart and hung back to check things out first).

For the last warm day of the year, it turned out great.

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leta joy said...

It's definitely because he has the power of Jesus flowing through his veins. Or that he didn't want to sit with the moms and talk about poop and breastfeeding.