Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Birthday Party #2

Our friend Kole turned 3 on Friday of last week.
And he had Capri Suns so Henry thought games + loud music + singing rat + Capri Sun = HEAVEN.

Here's his first, that was immediately followed by a second:

Kole liked to dance on the stage with Chuck, so Henry thought he'd join him. Except every time he almost got up there, he got scared. This halfway-up-there shot was the best I could do:

This one is the best, most realistic shot of the morning. That's Warren in the orange, Henry in the stripes and Kole in the back. They danced and wrestled and punched each other until we had to separate them. Many times. Boys...

The wrestling:

I dropped Svea at a friend's house so I just had one to chase. It's way easier to do The Cheese with just one toddler. Henry had marks on his face from his pals' punches and cried the whole way home - because we left, NOT because of the punches.
He's still asking to go back.


Anna said...

Hey Mollie,

I am Aunt Beth's friend Anna and I stalk your blog. I just wanted to tell you how cute your kids are and how fun your family looks! I think my favorite story is Henry and Steve talking about dog poop.

I hope my little boy is half as fun as Henry when he gets bigger!!


iMollie said...

I'm so glad you commented. I'm a huge fan of the Kyzers.
We'll have to get Henry and Svea together with Phillip to play soon...