Tuesday, February 27, 2007

pump it UP

Starting in February, Henry and Svea's friends start having birthdays. Then for about 5 months, everyone is celebrating with sugar and balloons, and now, inflatables.

Brian and I were always scared of these places (due to hysterical kids running maniacally in circles, headaches from all of the static electricity, it's too early in the morning to be jumping around, etc.) but we actually had FUN. It was snowing like crazy, but we had the Cream Puff so we made it safely.

At Pump It Up, here is Svea and me going down one of the 20-foot-high slides:

And then she only wanted to ride in the car. Daddy's girl:

And here is Svea with Daddy going down the big slide:

Henry running about the moon walk thingie:

Until he discovered air hockey and played that with Kole forever:

Notice there aren't many pictures of Henry going down the slide? He was scared to death of them and since we are good parents, we dragged him up the ladders and MADE him have fun until he was laughing with all of the other kids.
He'll thank us later.

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Under African Skies said...

Mollie, you are beautiful! What a great Mommy. Still loving checking up on you, Brian and the kids, and, like Tyler, still wishing we had had the most fun summer ever...but the blog almost makes up for it. Lisa