Monday, February 12, 2007

Tennis Tourney

Mimi and Papa came this weekend!

And when Papa arrives, Henry immediately starts talking about tennis. And Svea, "Nennis."

It's so cold that "Tennis Ports" were out of the question, so we moved some furniture and had a tournament between the living room and dining room:

What is not captured in the photo:

That mirror you see? We had to take that down after it got hit with a few balls.

After Henry hit the ball? He would run the bases and fall down.
And his sister? She did that falling-down-bit too.

Papa? That's him counting 1-2-3 before throwing it to Henry. Svea started waving her finger in time with "one...two...three" and then throwing something. She's a genius, I tell ya.

Great visit with them. I think we all cried when they left. I don't know when our next scheduled visitors are...

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carroll lane said...

You guys are always having SO MUCH FUN! I want to know who is always keeping your floors so clean while you're making all this fun happen! Henry and Svea are adorable and I know Lillianna and Svea would have a ball together!