Tuesday, March 20, 2007

These Days

These days, Brian and I have found ourselves either weakened by exhaustion by 6pm, or weakened by laughter at Svea and Henry's antics. Henry is officially 3 years and 4 days old, and Svea is 19 months and 4 days.

We still have to separate them on a daily basis.
Henry tends to be too aggressive, pinching and pulling and lying on top of Svea's head to squish it into the carpet. Within seconds he is patting her gently on the leg and offering her his favorite toy car. To which she says, "thaANK YOou" as some of you have heard her do.
Svea takes the more clandestine route, stealing Henry's drink and draining it then putting it carefully back where she got it without him ever seeing. She has also started three-word sentences which makes it easier to tell on Henry.

Last night Brian decided that Svea acts like our nonexistent drunk European cousin who has come to visit and finds everything in our house to be hilarious. She falls down while dancing, running and walking as she laughs and speaks with a weird, learning-a-new-language accent. We could hardly breathe during her performance after dinner.

Henry got a Superman shirt that inflates for Christmas and decided the other day that he would like to try and wear it. It has been in his dress-up box for months now but he has been afraid of the sound of the fan when it is inflating.

I got the shirt over his head, and the waist cinched, but when I turned on the fan, he lost it.

I don't know if we'll try it again for another few months. This kid remembers things from 2 Chirstmases ago so I don't think he'll forget about this experience.

Svea loves dressing up too, but has stuck to the Mardi Gras beads our friend Tanner brought.

The ponytail receives much criticism, but it is functional and lasts longer than 5 seconds so you can get over it. And it goes with the beads.

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leta joy said...

I LIKE the ponytail!