Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Too Tired to Think of a Title. If You Need TP, Get it Off The Floor.

You see this picture?

I had to make it my desktop - not only because I love it and I have so few pictures of Henry and me - but also to remind me these moments actually exist. Or used to.

First let me say that this week is Spring Break at Henry and Svea's "school" so today, when they normally go to school, they didn't.

Next, since the day was twice as long as usual, I was trying to be positive and think of twice as many activities that didn't involve all the movies we own.
So between painting, bubbles, tennis, soccer, finger painting. crayons, games, songs, and snacks there was a lot of pushing, kicking, back-talking, sassyness, peeing on the floor, spitting of food across the table, throwing chalk, shoving Svea to the floor as the grand finale to "Ring Around the Rosie", three time-outs by lunch and other disciplinary measures.
Did I mention it was a long day?

So at 7:30p I asked Henry if he could please go play and give Mama one little break so I could numb my brain to "Bam Margera's Unholy Union" which I had taped. He looked at me and stuck his finger way up his nose and pulled out the prize.
He said, "Mommy, what IS this?"

And I said, "Henry, it's a booger. Please go get a kleenex."

So he said, "Mommy, I'm going to get a kleenex."

And with the non-booger hand, he opened the bathroom door and turned on the light. Then he was in there for about 2 minutes.
I saw some white on the floor and sat up straighter on the couch and he peeked his head out and said, "Mommy, LOOK at this long string of PAPER that came OFF!"

Then he went immediately to bed.

(BTW, I am not currently addressing the small detail that I was watching Bam and how it may relate to what my son was doing)

(ABTW, I am kind of complaining in this posting, but it is NOTHING compared to the fear instilled in me about potty training after Leta's recent posting)

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leta joy said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid.