Sunday, March 25, 2007

Visit to New Harmony

Bobbie and Pops came to visit this weekend, so we headed up to New Harmony on Saturday.

The weather was perfect so we strolled through Tillich park where Paul TIllich's ashes are scattered (for all of you theologians out there) and then threw sticks in the lake:

Svea and Bobbie went to see what the big deal was about throwing sticks:

Not that big of a deal, I guess, so we played with rocks by the Roofless Chapel:

and we had chicken fights:

I don't think anyone thought we were weird at all for doing that.

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leta joy said...

How many times have I been to NH and had no idea there was a Tillich Park or that anybody's ashes were there. Nice to see thru your fresh set of eyes sometimes.