Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Beth!

Aunt Beth had a birthday this weekend and we were lucky enough to celebrate with most of the family in Birmingham.

Here are Harper and Svea standing off at the pool...

...before joining Carter, Graham, Jackson and Henry in the Bounce 'Round:

You could sweat your weight just sitting there in July Alabama heat, so it made sense to have the Bounce 'Round, some corn hole, and some game called Bulong Ball or something that involved swinging golf balls that are attached to ropes. Henry loved it of course, and I was just nervous about everyone keeping their teeth and eyeballs while Henry was swinging.

At the beginning, Henry told me, "Mom, this is the best party I've ever had!"
In the middle of the party, Svea told me, "Mom, I'm ready for the party to start."

We all got to sing Happy Birthday and then dig our fingers into Beth's Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake.

We're so glad you were born, Beth! Thanks for having such a great party.

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