Thursday, July 10, 2008


We have all, in some way, I feel sure, been dealing with stress this summer. By "all" I really mean all of us out there and here and around.
I think it's sneaky, this stress. It sneaks up on me, my friends and family, and especially my four year old. My two year old is a model of stress management so far.

Henry has been stressed lately about his hair.

There were real tears the other day about his fear of growing a mustache. He does NOT want a mustache.

They next day, there was serious fit before going out for a walk because his hair didn't look right.

Then yesterday morning, again, real tears, because he wanted black hair not blonde.

He even at one point went running for a picture of Caillou (who has no hair) to show me how he wanted his next haircut because his hair was getting too hot. Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite"?

I tell you, STRESS.

So I gave him a hair cut and he didn't stress today. At least not about his hair.

Svea saw I had pulled out the camera and she had just enough time to put on one Beauty and the Beast shoe, grab her biggest plastic Dora, hike up her pajama pants and pose with Henry. Thank goodness.

(Aunt Brooke, do you recognize Henry's t-shirt? He found that in your drawer at your parents' house. It has a black and white photo on the back of a little boy sitting between two girls, one girl has an AU and one has a UA on her dress. The boy chooses to kiss the girl with the UA and the AU girl is making an awful face at the two kissing. Do you know how to explain this to an overly-obsessed Alabama fan four year old? Any help would be welcome)


Babs said...

I adore your children.

Anonymous said...

Thank you making me laugh this morning! You are too funny. I love that Henry is the one that is dramatic about his hair and Svea could care less. Have a great day!

love, amy brown

A.M. said...

haircut looks so great - you're awesome. svea is so beautiful with her victoria beckham poses. love them both.
hope your day today has been less stressful.

bp said...

this is so awesome. I love the one shoe, Dora, hike up pants move. AWESOME svea!!!! And can you teach me how to cut boys hair??? H looks great. Love you all so much-

Aunt Brooke said...

Just tell Henry that his Aunt Brooke was not very bright when she was younger, but now she has seen the light. Miss yall, can't wait to see yall at the b'day party!