Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lydia Came for a Visit

And I only got one picture of her.

Here they are, hiding in the tree at the museum.

Lydia: Cheese! Even though one of my flip flops came off!

Svea: Yep. They're Dora.

Henry: I can't stop hugging this tree. Seriously, I can't. But you have to call me Brody Croyle because this is his old jersey. Seriously.


bp said...

Will you come commentate my life? You are hilarious. this is a great pic of the beautiful clan.

A.M. said...

Love it - we were just having way too much fun to stop and get the camera. OR, maybe the moms were too busy with projects and the kids were left to play on their own. :) had a great time. thanks again.