Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Svea!

Svea is three!!
Hooray for her birth and life!

I, Husband made her this rocking horse which she named Patches. He loves lollipops. Especially the ones that look like bouncy balls.

Deep down she really loves this horse, even though she didn't want to sit on it for a birthday picture.

We took our traditional trip to Turoni's for birthday pizza, Sprite and balloons. Henry got an iron-on t-shirt that he picked out for Svea's birthday. And a cheese ball smile.

Svea could not take the Sprite straw from her lips to cheese ball smile at the camera, but she did get a Princess balloon.

And, of course, a picture with the moose.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.


Casey said...

I remember that room and all I have to say is: Thank the Lord you finally got rid of that paper!!! :)

Love to all y'all!


A.M. said...

ihusband...that horse is a work of art! wow. it is beautiful.
glad the cupcake candle was put to practical use - i'm surprised the wick still worked after it's been held for 6 months now.
wish we could have been there. hope monday went well

I, Mollie said...

isn't the horse great?!?! i hope the kids think so some day. The other cupcake candle was just about melted from being in her fist...we salvaged this one just in time.

I, Mollie said...

so what are you saying, Cuz? any other rooms I should strip and paint you think? maybe all of them...

lisa said...

you are super crafty!
a beautiful horse, a super room redo, a lovely dress and slip cover.
you rock

Leta said...

Happy Birthday, Svea! I can't believe you are THREE. WOW. So big.