Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Little More Home Improvement

We had a huge rainstorm last spring that caused some water damage in our breakfast room. There was red and white checked wallpaper hung by a previous owner on the wall before that rainstorm.

All the water pouring in loosened the wallpaper adhesive, and it is WAY too tempting to eat a meal in there and not peel away at it...especially for a 4-year-old little boy. The most rewarding part for him was peeling a big piece off and hitting his sister with it while she was taking a bite of cereal.

So I decided maybe I should strip it and paint.
It took all summer.

But thanks to a friend with a steamer, and another with 4 inch blade scrapers, and a helpful husband to watch the kids, it finally got done.
I found some blue and eggshell and primer in the basement (thanks again, previous owners), mixed up some paint and we were ready to go.

New room. Uninjured sister. Bored 4-year-old boy. Not too bad.

You know, I thought I was being all Martha Stewart putting those apples in a bowl on a tablecloth we never use...and then I got closer and saw that Someone had needed just a little snack. Good grief.


Babs said...

Oh my god I love it! Blue blue blue. The room looks amazing. Can't wait to see it for real!

siduri1 said...

This looks great - what a major improvement from the 80s checkered crap. Love it!

A.M. said...

the paint looks so great!
and PLEASE tell me that you staged that apple picture. that is hilarious.
can't wait to see the new blue room in person! i'm ready to plan our next trip.

I, Mollie said...

yall are right - definite improvement.

i did NOT stage the apple picture. i swear.

can you come up tomorrow?

ella ellis said...

now i can look at the beautiful blue all the time from my home computer!

ah, technology!

Leta said...

Looks fantastic. Way to go!