Monday, August 11, 2008

Haiku #7

If I chew slowly,

I get my daily dose of

beta carotene.


Babs said...

Love the painted carrot. ooh, that would be a great name for a cafe: The Painted Carrot.

A.M. said...

oh wow - love this one. is this you?
and LOVE the idea from babs about having this be a cafe name - with all original art on the walls for sale by local artists? you could totally open this up - especially when you move to decatur.
hope your day was good.

pops said...

No, she is moving to Birmingham or Cullman. And every morning we can show "veggie tales" for the chillren. I do love this one. It has an eastern artistic flow to it. good chi man. pops

bp said...

If we're really getting into this discussion, she is moving to Denver. it needs a Painted Carrot cafe.

this has been wonderful- so much fun to read them all~

love, the one in denver

I, Mollie said...

We could franchise The Painted Carrot and I could just have vacation homes all over. Problem solved!

A.M. said...

always the peacemaker. love you.

bp said...

Wonderful! That means a.m. has to come out, too; and angie pangie.

I'll start scouting sites.