Saturday, January 31, 2009

Power-Less Days

We have been without electricity for four full days now.

By this point, we are almost done with our initial whining and bellyaching about missing our little conveniences...almost.
We sadly are watching more and more trees split and fall from the weight of the ice.

The roads are clearing which means we can go out to eat (always a special treat).

This has been a very good lesson for us; very eye-opening to the obscene amount of electricity we use all day well as how much we use items that require electricity to distract us from other things - like parenting.

Best of all we have had some really great family moments. We've had to problem solve quickly and creatively and rely on the help of many great friends.

So with gratitude and humility, we remain warm inside the homes of friends and public places and eager for some of this ice and snow to melt.

More soon...when I can blog from home...

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