Monday, January 12, 2009

Twelve Things

Twelve things I'm learning:

1. There is nothing like laughing with your children at something you all find genuinely funny.

2. Everyone needs a job (as in a role to play).

3. Sometimes words aren't enough, only experience will do. We are still in the "if you don't wear your jacket, you're going to be very cold" words-of-warning phase, though bigger ones are already peeking around the corner...ones that involve gravity, velocity and balance.

4. Parents are nicer after naps, too.

5. There is no "can you hold it?" when a child needs the potty.

6. Sometimes it's funnier when the kids don't get the knock-knock joke.

7. There's a difference. There's a difference between baby doll Boobah, baby doll Jesika and baby doll Margo. There's a difference between this Batman action figure and the Batman action figure that came in the exact same box as the first one. There's a difference between her orange juice and his orange juice that came from the same carton and are in identical glasses. My job is to remember that this is important and to keep all the differences straight.

8. You can't hurry the learning pace of a toddler.

9. Get over it, already.

10. Almost every single thing that comes out of my mouth can and will come out of theirs. Even abbreviations.

11. Screaming while you run in the house makes you go faster.

12. And everyday, it gets a little easier and a little better.

I love Flickr's Big Huge Lab.
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Daniel said...


Your number 7 reminded me of something Joy Cowley, a children's book author, told a group of us teachers last fall. "Children experience adult-sized emotions."

Always a joy reading your blog.