Sunday, May 24, 2009

EVPL, Living the Dream

Here are the things that I love and am going to miss about our library:

1. It is close to our house.

2. There are lots of branches for when we need to go to one that is not close to our house.

3. There are free programs for children all year long.

4. They don't make fun of me when I come in with a suitcase on wheels to check out books and movies and CDs.

5. They are patient with unruly children (uh, mine).

6. They do ILL for any ole person (like me).

7. The librarians remember who you are.

8. It's clean and smells like an invitation to possibility.

9. There are puzzles for Svea and a stool for Henry in his favorite aisle so he can reach the sports books on the top shelf.

10. There's a wooden boat with 2 levels for the kids to climb and play and shout, "Storm's a-comin"!"

11. It's free.

12. They do that canned food drive during the holidays where you can reduce your late fines with donated food.

13. They don't judge me when I have to pay for the most recent movie we lost. And if we find the movie within 2 weeks of paying for it, they refund my money. I think that's really nice.

14. The time Henry broke a DVD case and had to apologize to the librarian, they made a big deal out of his brave apology and a very small deal about the broken case, then whispered to me, "That'll be $1.50 for a new one." I love it.


siduri1 said...

I'm with you on the EVPL - it's awesome. Miss Ruthann will miss ya'll ...

leta joy said...

Suitcase on wheels! Totally clever. My arm is about to fall right off carrying 5,000 books, movies, Cds, baby, etc.