Saturday, July 11, 2009

When Svea Gets a Turn With the Camera

Henry got to take a few pictures, but Svea genuinely was excited about taking 68 shots of her bike, 45 of the floor and about 73 of her toes. I'm talking true excitement.
I deleted a few hundred shots (only the repeats) before making the mosaic. I'm thinking a camera is a great 4-year-old birthday present for this little girl...


Anonymous said...

love #6, I think its very stylistic...keep the camera in her look great!

we miss you here in eville

I, Mollie said...

she will definitely get to keep the camera in her hands! her pure excitement over the whole deal makes the pictures more beautiful.

Becky said...

Mollie, I was checking out your blog and was wondering how you made this mosiac? I've made smaller collages but nothing this cool. Hope all is well. miss you and your contagious smile. Becky

I, Mollie said...

becky - miss you and your hilarious boys too!
try and click on the mosiac option (there are lots of fun options to look through).
do you use flickr? it's really easy to make mosaics from flickr sets. otherwise you can just upload individual photos. so easy and so free.
let me know how it goes!