Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School...Again

Henry came home the other day with a headache, which led to a fever, which led to a sore throat, which led to him having strep throat. For the first time.

If I needed any reassurance at all that public school is the best fit for this child, it is in the past two days of him and me being home together. I want to be clear here that I am NOT knocking home schooling a bit; I am just clear that Henry responds very very well to public school at this point in his life. If that changes, we will dig deep and figure out how to school from home. For now, thank heavens he is going back tomorrow.

When he first wanted me to play with him, I just wasn't funny or captivating enough. He would stare at me when my characters voices did not sound right. If I wanted him to hear me about anything at all, I had to include the words "booger" or "armpit" and then he was right there with me. Seriously.

Anytime, and I mean anytime I asked him to do something today, he would tell me that me asking him was, "like, a total nightmare."

Tomorrow is a new day, with hopefully no sore throats in this house. Thank heavens...

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