Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this wasn't even at SCHOOL, yawl.

Before school started, we went on a picnic with some friends. It was a "picnic" so I brought sandwiches for 3, enough cold water to drink for 4 days and about 78 cupcakes.

Our friend Angela brought her microscope and some test tubes for collecting samples.

It's easy to feel inadequate in those situations, but I HAD brought all those cupcakes.

Henry and Svea loved looking at bugs and water samples and different leaves under the microscope.
I loved watching them do it.

Angela also happens to know a lot about bugs, like, which ones will bite or sting you and which ones will not. I recommend taking her on all your upcoming picnics.

So do Henry and Svea (aka John Parker Wilson #14...a few years ago now...and Pinkalicious).

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