Thursday, August 19, 2010

McWane Magic, Potato Head Style

Weeks and weeks ago, before summer ended, the kids and I went to the McWane Science Center for some air-conditioned activity.

One McWane employee drew the short stick that day and dressed as Mr. Potato Head. There was a line to take your picture with him, so when Henry's turn came (Svea refused) some random kid jumped in the picture with him and smiled at me. O-kay. I didn't even get his name for the credits.
Svea sat happily at the face-making station and made face after face on the empty potato. I tried not to be such a killjoy and refrained from commenting on how many germs I thought might be living in that pit of face parts.

Henry was fascinated with the "Darth Tater" Potato Head, as well as the Spiderman Potato Head. Who knew?

If only I had been born in a previous decade...

There was also a blue screen for acting out various sporting events, which Henry and Svea loved. They didn't quite understand where to look...

Again, a random kid jumped in on their game, but that didn't slow them down a bit.
All in all, a very fun morning at the McWane.

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