Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Brooke!

Aunt Brooke's birthday is today!

She came over for dinner last night for an eclectic, weird, full-of-fun birthday dinner.
Svea picked out some polka dot knee socks for her.
(You may be able to see the black marker on Svea's chin and cheek where she drew on a smiley face...with a Sharpie marker. She'll have that smile for awhile.)

And Henry picked out gray polka dot ankle socks for her and was reluctant to pose for a picture.

Here they are singing, "Happy Birthday to You, CHA CHA CHA!"

"Twenty-five years Y'ALL!"
Svea was really getting into it.

Here's the card Henry made for her:

"Go Cam Nooten" of course.

On the back it said "I ate too much!"
Not sure what that's about.

Here's the front of Svea's card:

And the back:

"Even though it's not Christmas" she got a snowman and a colored-in Christmas tree for her 25th birthday card. Makes sense to Svea.

KB got to come later and join in the fun. I think everyone got to see at least one kid run naked through the hallway, hear at least one kid cry, at least all the kids laugh, and enjoy delicious brownies.

The best was at the end of the night, Svea was singing herself to sleep in her room:
"Ooooooh Colin...I can't stop dreaming about Colin...Oh, Colin, you are stuck in my heart..."

KB, Brooke and I tried hard to not laugh so she could hear us. Then we all agreed that Brian and I are SO in trouble in the years to come.


Terri said...

Of course she drew on her face in Sharpie. Duh. She's your girl. Sharpies and socks....mercy!

I, Mollie said...

Indeed, sharpies and socks. GIfts everyone should receive for free.