Sunday, March 20, 2011

Heroes in a Halfshell, Happy Birthday!

As any seven-year-old birthday during Spring Break should, Henry's birthday lasted all week.

We started last weekend with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed family lunch (because we are stuck in the '90's) eating pizza (because that's what Ninja Turtles eat) and a cake (designed and decorated by the birthday boy himself).

The cake is supposed to be a NYC street with Turtles fighting for justice all around. Thank you, Aunt Beth, for that New York City bus you gave us years ago. It made the cake legit.

I wrapped the gifts, then Brian helped decorate, matching each Turtle with the appropriate weapon, a detail that is very important to Henry.

Having family around was the best part, of course. Even Henry would agree.

Thank you, everybody, for helping us celebrate Henry!

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Emily said...

the 90's are an awesome place to be stuck in! I totally LOVED the TMNT, too... and actually bought the first two seasons on DVD in college. Glad you guys all had fun!