Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Really Sure...

I'm not really sure what is happening in these photos...but that pretty much sums up my experience with Svea. This precious child has so many ideas and rarely has the time in the day to complete them all.

So one day she asked if she could take her Numbers poster off her wall, put it up in the hallway and tape her clothes to it.
Then she needed a picture of Corinne.
Then we hear her laughing in the hallway.

I think the proportions part threw her.

Later we remembered that at church, in the nursery hallway, there are pictures of the preschool kids on the wall with their bodies traced out on paper, decorated and taped under their face shot. This was Svea's version of Corinne attending her old preschool, I guess.

I had a coupon for Dora band-aids, which Svea suspiciously wanted to keep in her room. After Rest Time one day, I came across this injured doll:

Poor thing. At least she has a good "mommy" to tend to her boo-boos.

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