Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picture a Day

Merpha and I decided we would pay witness to this year, 2012, by taking one picture every day. As it is January 10 now, I have 10 pictures to share.

These pictures tell the story of a trip to the library...the bare reflection of the dining room floor, free from pine needles and Christmas decorations at last...the back porch when Henry moved out of his room to live in his hammock on the screened-in porch - in January (thank you Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Amber)...Henry's former bedroom converted into a Ninja Training Room...Corinne's favorite time of day...pictures of a Ninjago lego (roughly the size of your pinkie fingernail) that Henry took...Svea and Corinne having a sister moment at Svea's desk...Corinne's headband trying to mask her growing mullet...Children of the World choir...Svea in rose-colored glasses.

I must say, the first 10 days of 2012 have been pretty awesome.

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