Sunday, January 22, 2012

'Round Here...

Dinner conversation 'round here usually goes something like this:

Henry: If Wolverine and Superman were to get in a fight, who would win?
Me: You've already asked us that.
Henry: I KNOW but what do you think now?

Svea: And what if Scott? On the X-men? What if he DIDN'T HAVE HIS GLASSES ON? hahahahahahhhhahahaha.
Brian: Svea, you're going to fall out of your seat. Again.

Corinne: AAA. UOOOUUU. (throws fork off tray) UH-OH! Juice? Ren-ry (pointing at Henry). hahahahahahhahahahaha!
Me: Let's NOT feed the dog under the table, Corinne.

Henry: Seriously, who would WIN? You want to know what MY super powers would be? Do you?

Svea: Can I be all done? And still get a special treat? (after eating just half of her dinner, falls out of her chair for no apparent reason but is fine and not hurt.)

Henry: SSSSuuuuuuuuhhhhhh-vvvveeeeaaaaaaaaah. You are SO annoying.

Corinne: Out! (pointing to the dog. She calls Sugar "Out" because she hears us say that so often to her...)

Henry: Mom? I have nothing to do.

Brian: Do you mind if I go downstairs to my workshop for awhile?

Svea: I'm going to take a bath in your bath and turn on the JETS.

Corinne: (rubbing banana in her eyebrows)

'Night, y'all. I'm done.


Denise&John said...

Tell Henry the obvious answer is Superman, unless Wolverine somehow got kryptonite adamantium claWs, and then it's really anybody's game with his healing factor. If he ever wants to have discussions about this, I'm available. All we talk about here is princesses and barbie dolls. -JM

Terri said...

I thought only boys of that age fell out of their chairs for no reason. That's what my mother-in-law, a retired first/second grade teacher said. She said they would just fall out of their desks randomly during the day.

I can't tell you how much I loved this conversation you shared. Thank you.

kbc16 said...

love it.