Tuesday, December 04, 2012

And One Thing Led to Another...

I went to a painting class last week to paint a Christmas window.  It was like a sips-n-strokes but on a window, not a canvas.

We started with this:

And laughed and talked:

Following the pattern...and order of events...

Here's me at the end of the morning

When I brought it home, I added a layer of black paint on the back and then painted the frame red.
The instructions were to write "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!" on the frame, but I didn't.  I'm such a rebel.

So I like painting on glass and found a piece in the garage, along with a frame that fit it. With black I painted footprints and fingertips as if you were standing on the ground and reaching to the floor. This is a Standing Forward Fold in yoga, also known as Uttanasana.

I hot-glued it into the frame and then glued a cardboard back and then taped for reinforcement.  There is no hanger. But it's good to go to prop.

Then I wrote a note to one of my favorite yoga teachers, thanking her for all her beauty, and put a big red bow on it.

When I gave it to her tonight, it took her a while to understand, but then she SAW it and now we have ideas for prints of so many other poses!  So fun!

Then I got a hankering to paint a cow's skull on glass.  You know, just like you do sometimes.
This was more challenging than I thought. I painted negative space first in black, then covered the back in white.

Thank you, Georgia O'Keeffe, thank you.

And painting on glass is awesome, y'all.

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amber said...

Molls, you are so creative. Im inspired by you. Thinking of you, missing you and loving you. Hope you and the family are well. Congratulations, too, on your new niece. Love you all.