Saturday, December 22, 2012

One More Reason I Heart Publix

I love Publix Grocery Store.
So Much.

First the BOGO deals that match up with manufacturer coupons is awesome. So is Mattie in the bakery area who hands out free samples. So are the deli workers who watched my belly grow through pregnancy and then kept slicing me turkey and giving samples to baby Corinne once she was here and yelling for more turkey.
So are the baggers who never balk at my random selection of reusable bags and are patient with 3 kids who are out of patience with the grocery store and try to use the water fountain in ways that they shouldn't. And they still walk me to the car and talk to me about their gardens and grandkids.

Sometimes when I forget my cloth bags, I ask for paper.
Then I thought HEY I can use these paper bags to wrap Christmas presents!!

After I used up my old supply of bags, I got some more and WHO KNEW that Publix was interested in  doubling grocery bags as wrapping paper too!

They got this awesome Peace logo going on:

Thank you Publix!!!

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