Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Program, Stars and Bells

Our church Christmas Program, Stars and Bells, was last night. 
Luckily Bobbie and Pops came and brought us snacks beforehand and then took pictures during.  
Also, luckily Mimi and Papa took Corinne home with them so she could nap and boss them around before coming to see sister and brother on stage.

However, Henry decided that The Stage was not his thing. So he was the Special Assistant to the Pianist. He did an awesome job and maintained a great attitude.  
Building character, y'all.

Svea sang her heart out to the tune of glitter and bells and sweetness.  She's there in the middle with her hair tucked behind her ear.
Henry is gazing off into the distance.

When Corinne was not dominating Mimi's iPhone, she was in her "princess dress" with her "princess bow" in her "performance coma" she assumes anytime anyone is on a stage.

The shadows in this black and white picture are just perfect, but for the record, the dress is bright pink and the bow is bright green.  Of course.

Merry Christmas, y'all!!

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