Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today was VALENTINE'S DAY. 2013.

Since I had to pull a round purple necklace bead out of Corinne's nose the other morning, I have been starting my days with a nostril check around here.

Once that was completed, it was time to drive Henry and Svea to school. Svea wanted to hear #4 on the CD on repeat which made Henry sigh loudly over and over and then complain out loud.  I turned off the music and asked them both, "Pete and Repeat sat on a wall. Pete fell off. Who was left?"

They both said, "Repeat."

So I said, "Pete and Repeat sat on a wall. Pete fell off. Who was left?"

They both said, "Repeat."

Then Henry said, "Ohhhhh uuuugh arrrrrrgh. I GET IT.
Svea didn't, but I chuckled and turned the music back on.

It's a 4 mile drive to school so by mile 2.5, Henry says his requisite ugly comment to Svea. So I turn off the music and remind him to be nice and of the consequences.

He says, "MOM.  Henry and Mom sat on a wall. Mom fell off. Who was left?  HENRY."

I tried not to drive off the road.

I had to teach Junior Achievement to Svea's class which means 21 sugared-up 2nd graders couldn't wait to tell me:
1. How I was teaching them wrong.
2. That there are discrepancies between my poster and their handouts.
3. And DID I KNOW that one boy uses Horse Tail on his hair to make it grow but Horse Tail Shampoo does NOT attract other horses and I went out at my daddy's farm and saw them horses and came in and told Tracy who told that other lady that I was NOT going out there. And I do not smell like a horse.


Another boy has that Interrupting Authority Issue so the rule in the class is that he has to hug the teacher every time he interrupts. He got up to 18 hugs the other day.
All I got was a head butt to the stomach.
I pray for that kid.

At Svea's class party, they wrapped cereal boxes to collect each other's Valentine's and then made ice cream sundaes.  I had to bring Corinne to the party and they treated her like an alien zoo animal trying to get her to pronounce their names and then repeating everything she did say with glee.

At Henry's class party, we made fruit kabobs and had pizza and cupcakes. Corinne thought it was TOO LOUD and wanted to go back to Svea's room where she got brownies and Svea read her the Berenstain Bears.

In Henry's class, 3 boys have mohawks and one is feeling like his spikes are not strong enough. He didn't think it was funny when we were making kabobs that I suggested he spear his grapes with his hair.
I didn't think a third grader would be so sore about hair product.

This is all before 2pm and Valentine's Day is wearing me out.

We made potato soup and broccoli, then I left to do yoga at J. Darby Farm, and came home to a clean kitchen and 5 loads of laundry to fold.  Good thing this family believes in the PROCESS of laundry, not necessarily its completion.

Brian re-earthed the Valentine's song that Henry and Svea fought through years ago and it brought much joy to Corinne.  Unfolding already-folded laundry also brings her much joy.

Now kids are in bed, fire is in the fireplace, the Entses are slowly speaking on Lord of the Rings - all is well.

Happy Day of Love Which Should be Every Day to All of You,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mollie! I truly needed that! My day has been wild as well.....but you win!
Love ya girl!
Yay parenthood

Terri Milstead said...

I love this post. I feel like I just sat with you...your wit just shines here, Mollie. Love you!

stacy said...

Ha! So funny!! Isn't Valentines' Day just a blast??!! : ) SB