Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bernadette, the Angry Cat, and Heather

My friend Cheryl lent me the book Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

I had one of those experiences where I didn't know I was at risk, but while reading that book I realized: This story has UP AND SAVED MY LIFE.

Right before Bernadette, I read Carry On, Warrior on a partial recommendation from my friend Angela (she recommended Glennon's website Momastery and would have recommended the book I feel sure, but I found the book through her blog).
Well that book UP AND SAVED MY LIFE too.

Glennon talks about being a writer and how it is akin to having an angry cat inside of her clawing to get out; there are just all of these ideas!
I get that.
I think I have lots of angry cats.

But I want my angry cats to come out looking like Emptied Gestures by Heather Hansen.
Her angry cats are so smooth and pretty.

I can't stop watching weird, modern, abstract art in motion after those two books and Heather Hansen on You Tube.

Y'all, I don't know what book to read next. The bar is so high in these recent life-saving experiences (again, NOT feeling at risk, just terribly inspired).

Carry on, you warriors, let your angry cats out in Antarctica if you have to.


KB said...

I've been wanting to read Carry On, Warrior. Guess I'm gonna have to make time for it.

Sandy said...

I've got Carry On, Warrior on the kindle just waiting for a few moments of calm when I can read it. So I'll probably get to it in the next decade or so...

Anonymous said...

Me too .. I've heard about both books and will have to read them sooner rather than later. I've been reading THE GOLDFINCH for a while now (it's long) and it's really good --- quite sad, mostly, but I'm rooting for the main character. Your cats are definitely NOT angry, btw! They'd be more like the cat in the hat! : ) SB