Monday, January 06, 2014

Sometimes, My Life Feels Ridiculous.

Sometimes, my life feels ridiculous.

Then my three-year-old experiences laughing gas at the dentist office and I realize that my life, indeed at times, IS ridiculous.
N2O, y'all.

She was very nervous about the pending dental work, but after a few whiffs of the vanilla-ice-cream-scented gas, she blinked at me, let go of my hand and said, "I am NOT scared."

Then she looked at the hygienist and said, "Hey doctor, can you adjust this hose into my nose?"

Then she cracked up and said, "Mom! Look at my FOOTS!"
I looked down at her feet and she had crossed her ankles. She could not stop laughing.

She was quiet for about 7 seconds.
Then, "I was sick last day. At 38. I was sick at 38. Now I'm 3. I'm not sick. I'm 3." Three fingers in the air waving them around.
The hygienist next to our hygienist thought that one was hilarious. She kept repeating it to her 11-year-old patient who totally did not care.

There were posters on the ceiling of puppies brushing their teeth and of a chimpanzee flossing after every banana. Those really tipped over her giggle box.

Then she pulled her skirt up and bent her knees, waved her fists in the air and started singing, "Wo ho! A donkey kong! Wo ho! A donkey kong!" over and over and over and over. I thought the hygienist was going to fall out of her chair.
I explained to Corinne that this was reason #37,952 that she was not allowed to go to college...or any parties, or even leave the house.

Two silver teeth later, she was not as pleased. She hated biting on the cotton gauze and kept complaining that her cheek was so "thick".
After some screen time and cantaloupe, all was well and she is chomping away on dinner tonight. There are no scheduled trips to the dentist tomorrow, but I feel sure at least part of the day will prove ridiculous.
Bring it. I know where to find the N2O (just in case I need it).


ChillyB said...

Sweet :))
Have a good day

Beth said...

Oh this just made my day! I share the love for N2O, Corinne. It's awesome sauce!