Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lesson My Impact #4: Eat to Feed Your Compost

I have been trying to eat to feed my compost.

If I don't have to take out the tupperware containers under my sink every other day to add my food scraps to the compost bin, then I'm not eating how I need to eat, nor feeding my family anything that at one time was alive.

I've been adding my wet scraps then layering with dry leaves from the yard.
I used to do this in an old trash can, then moved it to an open concept with pallets zip-tied together.
Then I inherited this roly-poly number that is awesome.

I have yet to use the compost yet, or have a thriving garden. Who knows this year could be MY YEAR.

(If you have any composting tips, I'd love to hear/read them!)

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