Sunday, August 16, 2015

10: This Girl Is Ten Today

My middle child is 10 years old today. Believe it.

10 Facts, 10 Photos:

1. She has no need for a clock or calendar, because isn't Time just beautiful? Let's just love it and be in it. We will show up when we need to. Or something.

2. Her version of order involves motion and maybe a detour through the kitchen to conduct an experiment involving the blender and some water and cinnamon. And maybe some leaves. Whatever.

3. Her voice can mimic anything she hears. It's amazing.

4. When stressed, she escapes into scenarios that involve dolphins, unicorns and sometimes rainbows.

5. She makes charts that match different hairstyles with different earrings and options of color schemes of clothing.

6. When she grows up, she has said she wants to be a fashion designer, a mom, a teacher, an artist, a poet, a singer, someone who helps others shop and put outfits together, a painter. She is already all of those things.

7. Her favorite foods are all in the brown-orange-yellow spectrum of the color wheel: Macaroni-n-cheese, chicken fingers, butter noodles, plain hamburgers, bread. Her mother is freaking out.

8. She is the perfect candidate for everything Disney channel and has figured out how to channel its relentless information through any mobile device. Scary.

9. She wrote 5 screenplays this summer, fit with suitcases of props labeled for each movie, and is working on learning the intricacies of translating that art between iPhone, Movie Maker, iMovie, Google docs, You Tube, the actual written word with a pen on paper, and archaic acting with no microphones using improv lines.

10. This amazing child of JOY came into this world petite and quiet and has grown into her large spirit of love and truth, amazed by beauty and confused by pain. She teaches us every. single. day.
There is so much gratitude in my heart, in this house, in the yard, in the trees, in the sky, in the clouds alongside the biggest dreams she could dream alongside those clouds, for her, for Her, for HER - this amazing beautiful girl.

Happy Birthday.

2 comments: said...

Happy Birthday Svea!!! We miss you at AFUMC!
Wendy and Suzanna Cicio = )

Bobbie said...

Svea! Svea! Svea!