Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer 2015...

...is OVER!!

Some of us in this house start school tomorrow.

In reflection, I am looking at some pictures and remembering some memories (which is always a little bit dangerous).
2015 will not be the year I win any parenting awards, yet I aspire.

For now,

Lessons Learned Summer 2015:

1. Don't cut your friend's hair and give her bangs when she comes over for a playdate.

2. Use eyes and ears before mouth.

3. When you see cash money in a drawer at somebody else's house, don't think to yourself, "Hey! Free money! I should take that."

4. Hormones are weird.

5. Do not begin any sentence with, "But..."

6. When tattling on a sibling or friend, you cannot use the words "always" or "never."

7. Humans over screens. Always always always.

8. Art is every.where.all.the.time.

Thank you Summer 2015 for so  many spoken and unspoken lessons!

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Mer said...

love it love it love it