Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear Mr. Andrews...

Dear Mr. Andrews,

Thank you for for taking my tendency to be a one-dimensional thinker, and writing a two-dimensional book to remind me to stand up and get a three-dimensional view of life. Perspective is a 3D process.

The Noticer changed my life. A friend gave me a copy and told me to read it and pass it on. I waited about 7 months, then picked it up. I was nervous. I wasn't sure I wanted to "notice" anything else in the days I already found overwhelming. I was comfortable with my discomfort.

I thought of so many friends while reading the story of you and Jones, but one in particular, Sunshine, received my copy. She read it and, along with a few other resources and hope-sources, found a new perspective. She, like me, realized that it wasn't just vienna sausages and crackers in the sand. It was surf and turf by the sea!
Sunshine found a spot in a women's shelter, then secured an apartment and is on her way to getting her daughter back at home to live with her - no more sleeping on the streets.

Another friend, moved by Sunshine's story and her insistence that our entire Women's Group read your book, bought copies for the whole group.
I can't wait to see what these ladies do with the fresh three-dimensional perspective you write about.

Thank you so much, Mr. Andrews.



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I LOVE that book!