Friday, May 05, 2006

Crocheting Machine

Is what I am.

When Aunt Beth was here, I was determined to teach her how to crochet. I mean, if you can sit and watch TV for 11 hours straight, you should be making something at the same time, don't you think? So she bought a hook and some yarn and we made this blanket together:

I sent her home with a project too, which I'll post a picture of when she mails it back to me. It may be a lovely scarf for Mr. and Mrs. Turkeynutt.

Then, since so many around us have babies or are in the process of having them, I made this blanket for Calum McCleod who was born last night:

And he has a big sister Eilidh who loves the color light purple (specifically) and just may need a woobie of her own, so I made this for her last night:

I've got two more projects in the pipeline, but after they're done...anyone need a blanket? Since winter's coming and all...

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