Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just Another Day...

It was just another day in our backyard EXCEPT we found out a few weeks after the event that our neighbors moved! So Henry is now allowed to push his "bikey-cycle" in the neighbors' driveway on a limited basis. We are still waiting on the completion of our fence, so I am hoping that we will have that side of the yard fenced in by the time we get new neighbors so then it will be a non-issue to get him to stay closer. When he is leaning over pushing that dang thing on the concrete, he can't hear me call him or ask him to stay closer or to stay away from the stairs FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. So that's a little frustrating.

Svea did great playing in her pool with no water and every time she looked at me she made this face:

Otherwise, she was very serious. She is right on the cusp of crawling forward. She rocks back and forth on her hands and knees and will pick up one hand at a time and put it forward and later scoot her knees up. She is really loving pushing up to sitting from lying on her belly. After doing that move all day, her clothes are filthy at night and I'm about to have to start vacuuming twice a day again. I remember doing that when Henry was learning because it was easier than doing a finger sweep in the mouth of a teething child.

One thing Brian and I didn't think about when we moved to Indiana was how the bugs would be different. I know, what ELSE could we have been thinking about?
But in Birmingham, roaches were always my main thing. Here, it's spiders and these amazing mosquitoes. We have been able to play in the backyard for a whole month, and now the mosquitoes are hatching and I don't know how to break the news to Henry. There are slits in the screens of our side porch, where Henry would prefer to live, so I have slapped my forehead 4 times tonight and left fingerprints on my arm from this ONE that got in this afternoon.

My Dad says we should get some geckos, that that's what they do in Hawaii, and let them run amok in our house to eat the spiders and moquitoes. I would rather do that than get bitten...but did I mention that there are two babies in the house? one mobile and the other almost there? and that finger sweeping a gecko out of their mouths is not high on my list?

Anybody else have a suggestion?

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leta joy said...

Never heard of the geckos. Where does the gecko go potty? And gecko in the mouth, eeewwwwww. Other than that, it is an interesting idea!