Monday, May 15, 2006

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Brian has been working on his car a good bit lately, which means that Henry has been working on the car too. In the morning, when he wakes up running, he jumps on us saying as fast as he can, "HelpDaddyworkonbluecar?" over and over.

So far, Henry has scratched the paint around the keyhole by trying to use the screwdriver as a key, lost important bolts that secure the seats into the car, and poured out all the coffee cans of screws, nuts and bolts. We have also found screwdrivers of various sizes in the grass around the driveway.

In addition, he has made Brian laugh at himself, go slower while making big improvements (thereby making fewer mistakes), and provided me with much amusement and alone time with Svea. We like to think that Henry is learning some too.

Basically, everybody wins when Henry gets to helpDaddyworkonbluecar.


Lisa Glenn said...

Mollie, this is possibly the cutest thing I've seen. It's keeping this new graduate occupied, which is another plus to add to Henry's exploits. Hope all is well in Indiana--we're doing great here in the 'Ham. Miss you all!

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